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Cliff Village

For this project, I collaborated with two other mates : Ariane Tremblay-Lecomte and Pierrick Maubois.
It was very interesting to make this cliff and create some assets like a house that Pierrick used for making procedural versions.
I also built the scene in Maya and render the sequence with Arnold.
I created and place the trees with the Maya Paint Effects Tool.

After the render, I also took all the passes and did the compositing in Nuke. I made the projection map for the cliff with Photoshop and Ariane created the background.

Team :

Max Spiegel :
Pierrick Maubois :
Ariane Tremblay-Lecomte :

A little breakdown that shows what the cliff looked like before the projection.

A part of the Passes and Masks.

A part of the moodboard.

A part of the moodboard.